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Are you Sick Of?

  • Scraping the ice off your windshield while your toes freeze?
  • Compromising safety because of snow on your windshield?
  • Putting up with yet another winter of driving misery?

HeatFlexx Heated Wiper Blades lets you kiss winter GOODBYE!!!

Heat Flexx

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Heated Blades

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Heated Blades

HeatFlexx Fast Facts:

  • The HeatFlexx blade prevents drivers from having to constantly bang the wiper off the window to remove snow and ice build up.
  • No other product since the automatic car starter has had such an impact on the comfort and safety of drivers in bad winter weather!
  • The HeatFlexx heated wiper keeps the windshield clean and free of snow and ice build up.
  • The HeatFlexx blade is the new frameless design that provides continuous even pressure to the windshield, reducing streaks and reduces wind lift up to 150MPH
  • Our blades are very simple to install, just plug them in to your 12 volt power source or cigarette lighter. They fit almost every vehicle.

HeatFlexx FAQ:

Heated Blades

How is the wiper powered?
It’s simple! A ‘plug & play’ wiring kit is provided for easy installation. Just plug them in to a 12 volt power source or cigarette lighter or hard wire to a keyed power source. Both the cigarette lighter adapter and the hard wire kit are provided.

How do you turn the wiper on and off?
It’s automatic! The HeatFlexx all season wiper has a thermostat built-in which automatically activates the wiper when it’s 40°F / 4°C or below. During warm weather the wiper will function as a standard frameless wiper.

How does the wiper heat up?
HeatFlexx wipers utilize a patented thermo-foil heating element which heats up to 190°F and heats the entire blade.

What is the warranty?
A full one (1) year warranty is provided for all HeatFlexx wipers.

What are you waiting for???
Heated Blades
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